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The Author

This site is written and designed by Colin Phipps.

Now for my Doom credits ;-). You can download my Doom episode PHOBOS3 (for Doom 2) from mirrors of the /idgames archive; when I look up the paths I'll link a few reviews of it here as well (DrCrypt wrote a review of it for this site).

I'm also involved in programming Doom; I am one of the programmers of PrBoom, which is one of the best ports around for compatibility with the original Doom.

My e-mail address is cph@moria.org.uk. Don't email me WADs; I don't do reviews on request anymore, and definitely won't review stuff that isn't available for public download.

Also there are many reviews contributed by DrCrypt. Thanks to him for helping me keep the site growing.

Purpose of this site

The reason for starting this site is WAD reviews. I started doing reviews and uploading them as collections to cdrom.com, but I switched to a web site some time ago.

I review WADs for any Doom variant that I can play, which is Doom, Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom, and Boom (and most MBF) levels based on them.

I usually choose levels to review by searching for authors whose levels I like, or looking through lists of good levels from other web-sites, or suggestions from other Doom players. I don't do reviews on request anymore. I don't do deathmatch levels, TC's, ZDoom levels, or WADs that don't include levels (graphics packs etc).


Well, here are all the people that I'd like to thank for various reasons related to Doom and this web-site:

And also, some thanks to groups not specific to Doom:

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