Fava Beans


Fact Sheet

Authors Sean Birkel
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/08
Levels 10

Review by Colin Phipps

1FAVA is a classic episode for Doom 1, which replaces the whole of Knee Deep in the Dead. It is in a very similar style to the original Knee Deep, and lots of areas are clearly modelled on the original.

screen-shot The whole episode is done in a single style, which is clearly based on the E1M2 and E1M7 of the original Knee-Deep: brown walls, computer panels, and lots of windows. The levels are all very well designed, with windows and secret passages linking areas together to give a very complete feel to the levels.

There is a lot of detail throughout the episode (at least for a Doom 1 level), very similar to the originals: computer panels, staircases, lifts, lamps & lighting, etc.. The only real criticism of architecture I can make is that the levels are all too similar; playing the whole episode through, you begin to find the style repetitive.

The main problem with this episode, however, is the difficulty — or lack thereof. It is probably only as hard as the original Knee Deep, so any experienced player will find it trivially easy. Most enemies are imps, sergeants or spectres, and they rarely occur in numbers. Even the many windows overlooking areas are so poorly manned that it only takes a few shots to silence the opposition.

Having said that, there are a fair number of traps and such later on in the episode, and lots of secrets for you to try and find. There isn't any real flaw in the design of the fights; they are far too easy these days.

There are a couple of demos included. One is a deathmatch at the first level of the episode. The other apparently is a demo of 2 players rocketing each other out of windows; CRAP115.WAD is an empty shell of a level just for this demo. Weird.

01FAVA is a classic episode, but clearly very old. So if you want a real taste of that old Knee Deep style then this is great, but don't expect a challenge.

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