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Yet Another Update

Updated 2004/05/10.

I don't know what has got into me — I am managing one update per month. I am sure it will not last long. Anyway, there are just two new reviews this time: CCT2 and EXODUS. And I also fixed the Doomworld links, which did not work with some browsers.

Doom Builder

Updated 2004/04/17.

It is strange to see that some people are still creating new editors, this far into Doom's life. Well, I think these are the first levels that I have played that include Doom Builder in the credits. I have reviewed CASTLE2, PERDIDO02 and Real World 2. It keeps the old statistics page ticking over, where I keep track of the tools used for levels that I have reviewed. I have also started adding links to the Doomworld idgames pages in the reviews: it gives a decent choice of mirrors, and the reviews and ratings are an interesting source of second opinions.