Fact Sheet

Authors George McGlauflin II
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/8
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This is a level based around a single main puzzle, a cyberdemon. The start is quick and brutal; you emerge in a large hall, with cacos firing from the far end, and imps firing down from a central tower. Enemies converge on you from all directions, and it takes quick manovering to get by.

Once you subdue the start area, the level becomes simpler, as you collect keys and eventually health to prepare for the core of this level - the cyberdemon.

The architecture is fairly basic. There are good aspects, like the many torches scattered around, and the use of sky. There is no overall style though, with a crap computer area looking out of place beside s stone hall and some wooden side rooms.

The intention of the level is that you avoid fighting the cyberdemon, but instead trick him (a demo is supplied which demonstrates the intended tactic). Skill levels are implemented, but this really is a level made for UV. I can't think of how you can split a cyberdemon for lower skills, and neither could the author - a baron instead is no challenge really, so at lower skills this PWAD is trivial.

Basically this is a level designed with one puzzle, and a tricky starting fight. Nothing hard for a modern Doom player, and the architecture is old.

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