Fact Sheet

Authors Josh
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/04
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This is essentially a deathmatch PWAD. At single player, the only weapon available is a shotgun, and no more ammo is provided. At multiplayer, there are a selection of weapons.

Each zone in 11INHELL.WAD has its own texture, but most of the zones are large and empty. The level as a whole is spacious, but since each room is large and empty, there isn't much content filling the space. There is no overall theme, the zones seem unrelated, and some of the texture combinations are strange.

This level requires a co-op finish. At single player, therefore, it is impossible to complete the level, and also (since you only get 8 shells) impossible to kill all the many skulls, barons and cacos. You can explore - the huge rooms swamp the monsters around. As a co-op level, the multiplayer weapons will make this easy to complete, except that I find it doubtful that co-op players could find the method of exiting without looking in an editor.

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