Burg Nideck


Fact Sheet

Authors Klaus Breuer
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/8
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

"Castle Nideck" is a large castle with 4 large turrets and connecting walkways. Basically you enter the first turret, and battle each turret in turn, crossing between them using the walkways.

screenshot The opening fight is frantic, because there are enemies on the walkways, in the turrets, and cacodemons floating in. I charged around picking off cacodemons, while dodging the shots from those on the walls: these are some way apart, so it is easy to dodge.

The turrets each have their own style, and in each there are new problems to overcome; the level has a lot of variety. There is something for everyone here: I liked some areas, and didn't like others, but overall there were plenty of interesting ideas to see.

The architecture is in general good. But there is no overall style to the PWAD: the castle itself, for instance, is covered by 4 different textures for the 4 different turrets, so it looks a bit odd. Then again, each turret is like a mini level in itself, each interesting. There was the usual odd defect (ceilings of doors for instance), but nothing that major.

There is a serious problem with the level though: in the second turret, walking on a platform raises a walkway. But the platform has 4 sides, so it you step off a different side, the walkway goes up again. This leaves a major HOM, and prevents you completing the level without typing IDSPISPOPD to get up onto it.

The play was interesting from start to finish, but the opposition were not so consistent: 3 barons in one tower, only some imps and shotgun men in the next. The ammo was well judged, though mostly it came as a room with shell boxes at the start.

Overall this is a level with a lot of good ideas, but not all that well implemented. I enjoyed playing it, but there are serious flaws that can spoil the level.

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