Fact Sheet

Authors Eric Severn
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Another PWAD by the same author as 11GETBFG, which had been a sound PWAD but with lots of frustrating points. I was afraid this would be the same, and my fears were somewhat justified.

11SPACE has a plot better than DOOM 2 (damning with faint praise? no it is sensible ;-). A spaceship carrying evil is approaching earth, and no high tech weapons can break its shields - so instead you get to go in and destroy it from the inside.

You start in your shuttle. You quickly grap your plasma rifle, BFG9000, and 200 cells (plenty of ammo I thought), and blast your way into the ship (well, pistol a couple of walls, but the author did his best).

The level is not too hard - you get no more weapons, but plasma deals well with everything. The problem is ammo. Like 11GETBFG, most of the ammo is all in one place, and unless you get there, you'll find yourself pistolling barons with your dying breaths. OK, it is probably a 50/50 chance whether you choose the right route or not, but I didn't, so I'm annoyed :-(.

The level is very grey. Most of the walls and ceilings are grey, with little decoration in the corridors. I think some computer panels would have added some interest here. The rooms on the other hand were good - the sick bay and bridge are both well done. But then again there was one room with green marble covered by vines - on an otherwise grey spaceship?

Some details had been overlooked - the odd doortrack was unpegged, and the doors were strange shapes (because the level is very curved), so some looked strange. Also, the level is broken into lots of small chunks, and connected by teleporters; however, these were octagonal rooms, which didn't fit the square teleporter floor texture well, so looked tacky. There were no other major problems in the rooms though.

The level is fairly straight forward once you find the ammo. There are a lot of cacos, but plasma can deal well with any opponent, so there isn't much skill involved. There are a few barons, but there is health available. The level progression is confusing, because of all the teleports used.

The skill levels are done rather oddly - at different skills, different weapons are provided. If you find the plasma boring, play skill 2, so you can use a shotgun instead; but then most of the monsters become easier, so the challenge drops.

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