Fact Sheet

Authors Rob Sarsorito
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

1_ON_1 is a strange mix of good ideas but mixed results. You start out with a shotgun and 2 boxes of shells - not a good start, the level could be fought on this ammo alone. The level consists mainly of a long trek through fairly weakly defended rooms to reach the 2 important keycards; the second time through no new badies are released, so it's just a boring walk through the areas again.

One room I liked - it has balconies looking sown from either side over the room, which has an acid floor, and a safe causeway down the centre which looks quite good. The author has avoided the usual problem with shooting up at enemies by having raised sections of the causeway, at the height of the opposition, so you can have a decent fight with them.

And then the exit is available - one of the doors in the entrance rooms leads to it. You even get a supercharge in case your finger slips on the rocket launcher in boredom. For a 300Kb PWAD, this is pretty dull.

There are quite a few secrets at least, though you hardly need them. The other area I only visited briefly was at the end of the causeway - it leads what I can only assume is a trap (you need not visit it to finish, and there are few goodies), due to the 2 cyberdemons that shoot at you when you enter (they are held in cages).

There isn't much to see or do really at this level. Someone wake me up!

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