Fact Sheet

Authors Dave Green
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This PWAD is stupid. It centres on a large room, which contains about 2 dozen sergeants, 2 dozen troopers, and 2 dozen imps. There is an invulnerability provided, but I didn't use it - you can just stand and cut them down. There are a number of side rooms, containing more imps, sergeants, and demons. But none of them are challenging.

The level consists of rectangular rooms, connected by short rectangular corridors and doors as deep as a teleport pad. Narrow doors have a normal full door texture on, so look like half a door; other doors are 1 and a half the normal size, so get 1 and a half of a door texture. The door ceilings were forgotten, and DOORTRAK is used for the sides of doorways despite their depth, and DOORTRAK pixelates badly at distance. All the rooms have the same textures.

There are no interesting features. The level is easy (under 10 minutes at UV, plenty of health and ammo, an invulnerability unused). No skill levels are implemented (contrary to what the author says in his description file). No multi-player starts are included (contrary to what the author says in his description file). Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh, it is only the author's first level, but making mistakes in the text file is a serious nuisance to downloaders.

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