Fact Sheet

Authors Angel Jefferson
IWAD Ultimate Doom
Engine Ultimate/Final Doom compatible engine
Date 1997/9
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

I'm generally distrustful of levels beginning in a number, although I really shouldn't be. This was a common ploy back in BBS days to get a file at the beginning of an alphabeticall BBS file list, and I'm sure its still done on ftp servers that aren't seperated into directories spanning certain letters. At any rate, I think the reason I generally mistrust these levels is that they seem to be using a cheap ploy to get people to play them, and this sort of mentality seems to me indicative of a bad level that can't use its own merit to gain fame. However, 1killxtr is a -great- level, so I guess I must be wrong.

screenshot The layout of this level is pretty impressive. I really liked how the level sort of fans out from the start room, so that a arge portion of the map is visible from the beginning. Ammo is really tight in this level and I understand that some people have a hard time beating it on Ultra-Violence because of the lack of ammo. I left the level with over 50 bullets and about 12 shells, so it is possible, even on ultra-Violence, to beat the level without getting massacred. The trick is to let monsters fight among themselves as much as they can, not to kill anything before you come in direct contact with it, and lastly, in the rocket launcher room, to simply haul ass before the demons stampede you. :) This goes to show that a level can have a relatively low monster count and still seem incredibly violent: it is simply a matter of ammunition and placement.

I didn't notice any obvious bugs or level inconsistencies, except for a couple of walls that looked a bit thin. This was a really fun, adrenaline pounding level, with lots of Baron-shotgun duels. I may be giving away my "5"s a bit indiscreetly lately, but who cares: its fun and a winner, so go suck it down.

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