21 Crossfire


Fact Sheet

Authors Joe Powell
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/9
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

The screen clears. I am in a curving dark brown corridor, with a coloured torch flickering ahead. I move slightly, and I get a shotgun. I walk down the corridor , to reveal a high room with monsters to either side. The fight begins. I soon deal with the immediate threat, but shots are coming out of the wall opposite, so there must be a shoot-through wall ahead. I make a grab for ammo, and charge in to another side room.

A few imps, soon dealt with. I have taken a lot of damage though. I try the door. Is that an exit sign? The cacodemon gets me once, but I draw him out and run p ast, slam the switch, and...

Yes, that's it. Under 2 minutes doesn't say a lot for the difficulty of this PWAD. Admittedly, I was lucky to choose the right turning from the main room, but basically this is a small PWAD, with an easily accessible exit.

There are plenty of enemies in each room, but little health. There are several secret areas, though, with the more powerful weapons, so those looking for something more from this level could clear it completely, but there isn't anything that interesting here.

The level is almost all BROWN96 - the dark brown stone texture used in Knee-Deep . This makes the level look rather bland. Also, the rooms are all rather oddly shaped. There were no complicated or interesting features. Basically this is just an old DM level.

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