Escape from 22ventry


Fact Sheet

Authors David J. Singer
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/8/3
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

22LEV.WAD is a new level, with new sounds, graphics, and music. The level is is the Shores of Hell style, with a few extra wall textures to give the level some style. The author states that the WAD is mainly an experiment in replacing sprites - a number of new sprites are included in 22SPRITE.WAD.

The thing you'll notice first about this level are the new graphics - specifically the new, horribly tacky, title screen. There's worse to come though, in the form of one of those awful sound schemes that plague the depths of the Doom WAD pool. Usually I get frustrated by as little as a few Quake sounds imported, but when I find troopers and sergents greeting me with the call "Do you like sponge?" I just throw my headphones away. I mean... why?

To use 22SPRITE.WAD you will have to use the included DMADDS or manually merge them with the other Doom sprites (the sprite-patching support in the Doom ports won't work with this old format). You don't get anything special for your effort either - the new sprites just have a human in place of the taurus and cyberdemon, and a human face pasted onto the front of the cacodemon and spiderdemon. There are a few other new graphics, again nothing special.

The level shows its age, with a few tutti fruiti errors and texture mismatches noticable. There are some nice areas, but the level is a bit mismatched, with some industrial areas, some marble, some Inferno style. Doortracks were often unpegged though.

There is plenty of health and ammo; I lasted mainly on the few supercharges. There are 1 or 2 good traps, but mostly the opposition are not a problem. There are odd secrets, but nothing much. There is a spiderdemon, which can be run past, and a cyberdemon, but plenty of cells make him no major problem.

Overall though, stupid sounds, the age of the level, and the inconvenience of having to use DMADDS mean that this won't be on anyone's list of WADs to play.

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