666 mini-episode


Fact Sheet

Authors Steve Timson
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/10/2
Levels 5

Review by Colin Phipps

Most old-school Doom players will recognise the name 666, a classic Inferno style level back from the early days of WAD making. This is, unsurprisingly, a mini-episode based around that level. Since there are only 5 levels, but the author wanted to have a spiderdemon finale, the levels replace E3M4 through E3M8.

e3m4 screenshot The first level is quite small, a good introduction to the style of the episode. The architecture is simple but striking, no more so than in the grand marble hall at the start of the level; while it's not detailed by modern standards, there are good features like shadows, torches, and acid which ensure the main areas are not boring. Ammo is fairly limited, but there are some secrets available to help - alas the architecture in the secret areas is rather basic in places. Although this is only a short introductory level with fairly few enemies, there are some nasty little traps in there which keep you on your toes.

e3m4 screenshot The second level continues the Inferno feel and the simple but striking style - there is nice use of lava and oppressive lighting to give this level a sinister feel. There are some good little side areas with various tricks and traps too.

Old school Doom'ers will instantly recognise the third level as 666, a classic old Doom level. This level definitely shows its age - it's much more of a mix of styles than the other levels, with concrete and stone areas mixed with the more Infernoish marble and hellish areas. There are some fairly basic areas, but

The fourth level was also released separately before being included in this episode, as 777.wad, the sequel to 666. Again it's a mix of styles but not so badly as the previous level; the level progression is strange though, with a central acid hall with four rising pillars that enable you to jump to the doors around the edges. There are some good traps and surprises mixed in here, but nothing to trouble an experienced player.

The final level is a good finale, with some good knockabout fights. After clearing through these you reach the final showdown, which is a rather slow one, with a cyberdemon and spiderdemon on rising and falling pillars in a large acid lake. You can easily get them fighting each other, and there's plenty of rockets around to finish off the survivor and end the episode.

Overall, this is a classic episode which very much shows its age. Knowing the history of the levels it's easy to see the author's style developing as he made more levels. Levels 3 and 4 (666 and 777) are easier and more of a mix of styles than the other levels here, which is unfortunate because it comes as a bit of a let down after level 2. Nonetheless the levels have real style in places and some good fights, so players like me who like classic levels will definitely keep this one in their collection.

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