Fact Sheet

Authors Neil Cameron
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/6/21
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

A fairly typical old level, except for being relatively difficult for its age. Ammo is fairly limited early on so you have to use the pistol a bit, and later on there's a room with 8 barons which is tricky even with the tons of cells provided due to the awkward architecture.

Architecturally it's typical of levels of this age - no consistent style, architectural inconsistencies (like ceiling of a building being higher than the building looks from the outside), and rather bare by today's standards. The outdoor area in particular is plagued by construction problems like unclosed sectors, although the source ports appear less affected by this than doom2.exe used to be. There are a couple of nice areas though, like the prison block, and the hall of barons.

The text file says be warned - this wad will require a bit of thought in order to complete - by which the author means that you have to hit a lot of switches and find some secrets to complete the level. Strangely, the secrets required to complete the level are harder to find than the bonus secrets...

Finally there's a showdown with a spiderdemon, but it's a large yard with barons too so you can get them to kill him for you.

Download 8isenuf.zip

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