a big job


Fact Sheet

Authors Michael Krause
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1997/9
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

If not for the monsters, ABIGJOB would look like a 3D simulation of some city for the new millenium. It is a vast post-modern cityscape, with lots of big cuboid buildings, sweeping steps and grand columns. The level does not really have any detailed texturing or small features (more small features to add variety would have improved it); instead the focus is on the grand architecture and detailed structures.

screenshot New sounds are included, most of which are apparently nicked from Quake. These sounds don't fit very well into Doom, however. The monster-nearby sound is too similar to the normal Doom spectre attack sound, so I often mistook the sound for a spectre attacking me. Not all the sounds are replaced: you can get different sounds the first and second times you shoot a monster. Altogether these make the new sound scheme rather disconcerting.

There is plenty of variety of fights through the level. There are lots of imps and chaingunners, often hiding in the shadows of the buildings, so you have to watch out. There are plenty of revenants and pain elementals for stronger opposition, and you get rockets to deal with them. Traps are scattered around, and are nicely marked, so if you are observant you can be prepared for most of them.

There are some bigger fights still. In the central yard there is a cyberdemon fight, with some barons and rockets to help you through. There is also a second cyberdemon; there were plenty of rockets, so perhaps you are meant to fight him, but if you are clever you can draw him away from his station and get past.

The level progression is not really a progression; you wander round the massive city, collecting keys, until you have all 3 and head for the exit. One minor complaint is that the keydoors at the exit don't have key stripes; since I had to fight a cyberdemon for that key, I would like to know that I needed it!

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