Above and Below


Fact Sheet

Authors Rob Berkowitz
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1999/1
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

The premise of this wad is really interesting. Essentially, you are balanced on a series of catwalks, underlying large pits filled with monsters. Falling means death, since you don't have enough firepower to take them down. The majority of the level is spent lifting catwalks, flinging yourself across gaps, and fighting monsters on small, thin platforms. Later on, you have to fling yourself into the pits below to fight the monsters and find the two keys necessary for exitting the level.

screenshot The real problem in this level is that there is just simply not enough ammo. In some levels, this gives the entire atmosphere a real heart-pounding excitement, but in this level, it just doesn't work. There needs to be twice the ammo that they give you. It is possible I didn't have the right strategy, but I constantly found myself using up my last shells on a roomful of hell knights, only to be confronted by an Arch-Vile as I flip the next switch (maybe I can throw my empty plasma gun at it). This level would probably have gotten a "4" if there had been a berzerker or chainsaw. As it is, many monsters are too hard for too little ammunition... as I said, meeting an Arch-Vile or Mancubus with no ammunition in tight corners is -not- fun.

The majority of the level looks like every other part, but it is all done fairly well, since I think that is what the author intended. A few very minor texture misalignments, but nothing that is going to cause me to dock from the architecture score. Overall, a decent level that could have scored a notch higher if for the ridiculous derth of ammunition.

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