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Authors Avery Lodato
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/05/13
Levels 1

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This is a medium sized Shores of Hell style level. The level has a strange mix of areas — some modern areas, some marble halls, some wooden corridors and some acid tunnels — often with little or no transition between them (there should be some SUPPORT textures delimiting them, at least). The lack of attention to detail is the main problem with this level: the textures are often misaligned and poorly chosen; ceilings on doors were sometimes badly chosen, and all the doortracks were unpegged; secrets often showed on the map, and none of them were marked as secret (so don't count on the secrets ratio at the end of the level); and there is minor HOM on some moving platforms.

The level is quite hard. Health was well judged, so I was frequently using all the health in a room to get back up to maximum. There are quite a lot of cacodemons, and a few barons. Ammo is limited early on, but toward the end there are plenty of shells at least. There are some nasty tricks and traps, and a few secrets too. The fights are very varied too; there is a particularly good fight with cacodemons behind cages, where you have to grab ammo from around the cacodemons to have enough to complete the fight. My favorite fight was a small square room with 4 cacodemons, into the middle of which the player is teleported: you have to use the pillars and dodge pretty fast to survive.

Overall, this level has some really good fights, but is let down by a lack of attention to basic details.

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