Fact Sheet

Authors Eric Thorell
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/07/02
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

I was surprised to find that this is only a replacement for E1M1: considering the size of the file, I was expecting an episode at least! The level consists of a collection of joined rooms, and an outdoor area.

The rooms are oddly shaped, and poorly decorated, with mismatched and misaligned textures. The doors are odd; even the normal doors given a texture only slightly different to the surrounding walls, which looks tacky. There is lots of tutti fruiti, and even the Medusa effect.

The level has far more ammo than is needed, thanks to the outdoor area, which contains hundreds of human enemies. There are no traps — only a few barons to add interest. Most of the enemies are just sergeants.

BUTT.WAD contains some new sounds. These seem to be roughly the original sounds, but overlayed with people shouting and swearing. Perhaps some people will like this, but personally I don't see the point. GREATMUS.WAD contains new music for the entire 1st episode.


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