Project: Recovery


Fact Sheet

Authors Eric Sambach
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/04/06
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot Project: Recovery is a single level in the Shores of Hell style. Actually, it's an unusual mix of styles. The player starts in a fairly spartan cement base, with windows looking out into the yard outside. The outdoor areas on the other hand are decorated in green stone and marble. While some areas are quite bare, others have some nice features — such as the acid river outside which breaks up the level.

Despite its age, the level is no pushover. There are some tricky fights, particularly when first entering the outdoor areas, and also when going through teleports. There are plenty of cacodemons and barons around, although you do get a rocket launcher and BFG later on. There are a number of traps as well, although these favour heavyweight enemies over the element of surprise. Finally, there's a rather pointless cyberdemon fight at the exit given an invulnerability and lots of ammo.

Navigating through the level took some getting used to, due to the use of teleports needed to get around. Most of the level progression involves raising bridges across the lava river, and lowering teleports in the start base, to gain access to new areas. Watch out, by the way: most of the acid is inescapable, so remember to save from time to time.

Overall, a tricky level with some interesting features. But there's no point throwing in some heavyweight enemies if you throw in a BFG and invulnerability to make it easy; I felt this detracted from the otherwise good gameplay.

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