Alien Hideout


Fact Sheet

Authors Kicker55
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1997/09/23
Levels 3

Review by Colin Phipps

I don't know what to think about this one. The accompanying TXT states that Alien Hideout contains an entire episode and new music. But, as you might guess from the file size of only 55kB, this is a complete fiction. In fact, AHIDE.WAD contains only 3 levels and no new music.

The levels each consist of a number of large rooms, connected by doors and teleports. The rooms are just cubes, painted with a single texture, often with poorly chosen ceiling textures. There are no interesting features, just a few keycards to get and switches to hit.

The levels are very easy. There is a vastly more ammo and health than necessary. Normal health (stimpacks, medkits, green armour) can be ignored, and I left half the health potions and helmets at every level. I also left at least a blue armour and 2 soul spheres behind at E1M2 and at E1M3.

There are plenty of monsters, only weak ones at the first level. At later levels there are plenty of cacos and barons, but with the rocket launcher available at E1M1, and the BFG9000 available in E1M2, and tons of ammo, even half a dozen barons get barely a few shots in. At E1M3 there are 3 cyberdemons and 2 spiderdemons, but 4 of these are in a single trap, and the other can be run past. There are 2 computer maps at E1M3, and once you have one, the trap can be avoided, and a secret exit located which avoids half of the level. And if you play at below UV, it will be even easier.

So if this WAD really is a hideout, then the real action is very well hidden...


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