When All Hell Breaks Loose


Fact Sheet

Authors genocide
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1999/2
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

Maybe some people can beat this level, but the beginning was so hard, that I just put on God mode and admired the scenery for the rest of the level. You start off in a large courtyard with no weapons and a large amount of big baddies and potshotting imps shooting at you. When I did find a shotgun, I only had 16 rounds, not nearly enough to take out the monsters that were proceeding to tear me a new one. There doesn't seem to be nearly enough ammunition in this level. to deal with, even on HMP, the barons, mancubuses, arachnotrons, and cacodemons that you have to deal with right off. A shotgun and a few shells are not enough to deal with this volume of enemies.

Other than that, it is a well designed map. It seems really jerky, but that could just be my computer. It is rather nice looking. The only problem seems to be the ammunition factor, which again, is a personal taste. I'm giving it a GP of 2 mainly because of the ammunition, but that may just be because I'm not as good of a DOOM player as some others. I think its too hard. Still, it is well-designed and good looking.

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