ALL or None!!!!!


Fact Sheet

Authors Matt Davis
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/09/08
Levels 9

Review by Colin Phipps

ALLROY is a complete replacement for Knee-Deep in the Dead, in the same style as the original. The levels are all in the same style, all being based on three types of feature:

There are lots of texture misalignments, some tutti fruiti, and some rooms seem to have deliberate texture mismatching. There was some major HOM at one level.

There is plenty of ammo (the start room contains weapons 2-6). The opposition are poorly placed, and rarely cause a problem. But health is very tight, and with few secrets you can't afford to become careless. There are cyberdemons at several of the levels. These are usually in large areas, with invulnerabilities provided, except at E1M5, where it is in an awkwardly small room with just a few obstacles to help. But with tons of cells available this isn't too bad. There are quite a few traps.

New music is included, different for each level of the episode. Also, some of the credits/help screens, and the title of the Doom menu are replaced to give the episode name, and the authors.


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