Fact Sheet

Authors Alamain
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/11/11
Levels 4

Review by Colin Phipps

This is a collection of 4 levels. There is no real overall style to the episode - the first level and-a-half are plain SHAWN2 (shiny metal), the rest are a strange mix of textures. There is a lot of tutti-fruiti, particularly at E1M3. Textures are mismatched and misaligned - some rooms seem to have been deliberately done with as many mismatched textures as possible. Floor textures are also poorly done. Doortracks were misaligned, unpegged and poorly chosen.

There are some good fights - such as running a narrow walkway overlooked by a cyberdemon. There is plenty of health and sufficient ammo for all the monsters though, and invulnerability for the really tough fights. Some of the traps are very odd - several seemed completely empty.

The lighting at the levels is frustrating. Often the rooms are just too dark for fighting. The author has made a lot of use of the 'lower lights to 0' effect, which makes it a pain to fight some areas. But with patience the areas should be possible (my patience cracked a few times and I cheated).

Overall, a frustrating level set with some awful texturing and weird action.


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