Fact Sheet

Authors Alamain
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/09/05
Levels 8

Review by Colin Phipps

This is an 8 level episode, completely new (not an updated ALOHA911, all 8 levels are new fortunately). The levels are mainly in the Knee-Deep style, with much improved architecture from ALOHA911. There are very few texture mismatches and tutti fruiti problems.

The first few levels are quite good, with some interesting structures. The levels are fairly consistent in style. There are interesting traps, and no serious texture errors. There are texture mismatches though. There is plenty of ammo and health.

The later levels are not as consistent. E1M4 consists of a number of areas, each containing cyberdemons - each area consists of dodging between covered areas to complete tasks like hitting switches. E1M5 is mainly a large open maze, with imps and tauruses spread throughout it - but all are deaf, and typically only one round each corner, so the chainsaw can be used throughout. This saves even more ammo, leaving you full of most ammo types.

E1M6 is centred on a large hall, overlooked by viewing points connected by teleports, with some bizarre features in side areas. E1M7 is a large marble complex, with lots of shoot-through-walls for traps. E1M8 is a large, long, winding open corridor full of all sorts of enemies.

There is plenty of ammo and health throughout. The traps at the early levels and E1M7 are the only real dangers, providing you dodge the cyberdemons at E1M4.

Overall, the episode starts promisingly, but falls down in the later levels.


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