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Fact Sheet

Authors Magnus Ander
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/4
Levels 1

Review by DrCrypt

A good level, nice and violent. However, I'm having a hard time reviewing this level because, due to a bug in the level that prevented me from finishing it for quite a while. This is a nasty HOM caused by a "glass wall" in the level, that also caused prBOOM to crash with a "Segmentation Violation" any time you walk even remotely near the area. BOOM, for some reason, handles it fine: however, it is still a -nasty- HOM and is going to cause the level to go down a point.

screenshot Regardless of bugs, however, it is a fine level, and if not for the HOM I would have given a four. Huge and violent in an old school way. There are some nice touches in the map that give it a really creepy feeling and keep your blood pumping: for one thing, ammunition and health is fairly scarce, especially health. Health is generally supplied in soul spheres, which means that through out most of the level, you are wandering around hurting. Alot of ammunition in the map is supplied by the former humans you kill, which I think is a good way of guaranteeing a blood fest. Bottom line: most of the level is spent mowing your way through hordes of slavering hellspawn, trying to reach the next health boost.

The level is linear, but it uses clever methods of sealing off sections behind you and lots of key doors that lead to passages that wind through the level to constantly cause you to backtrack and figure out how to get to the next door. Texture alignment and theme is pretty decent... I don't recall noticing any huge misalignments or textures just blatantly out of place.

The real problem with this level is the forementioned HOM. I'm not quite sure why anyone would make an area in their map look so atrociously ugly just to have a "glass wall". Regardless, its a good wad, really violent, a lot of fun, and very clever, but its dropped to a "3" just because the HOM proved a showstopped on my port and frustrated me towards vengaence. :)


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