Fact Sheet

Authors Bjorn Hermans
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/11
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

ARACHNA is an Inferno style level for Doom 1, set in a grand old church which has been overrun by monsters. The level has a strong theme; new music is included, and new textures are used to enhance the atmosphere of the main area.

screenshot This level contains several places with impressive architecture: clearly some time has been spent enhancing the visual impact of the level. There is good detail in most areas (superb by Doom 1 PWAD standards), and I found no errors that spoilt the feel of the level.

The level is well designed so that the architecture of the level makes the fights more interesting. E.g in the spiderdemon fight pictured above, there is no solid cover to use, only the circular wall which doesn't fully shield you from his view. (But arachnophobics can avoid a direct fight and find an invulnerability instead). There are several places in the level where you are forced to fight from poor positions.

Alas by today's standards the level has rather too many cells, and too much health; but this doesn't spoil the fun though, and you can still easily be caught out by the various tricks and traps. There are several secrets too.

Anyone looking for a good old Doom 1 level need look no further, because this is a great level from the old school of PWADs.


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