Fact Sheet

Authors Doug Ryerson
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/2
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is a medium sized level in the Knee-Deep style. The level uses many nice structures, with lots of windows between areas that help to make the level quite interesting. There are a few texture misalignments, but very few given the structures used. The level sticks well to a style, with gray stone walls and metal features and computer panels.

There is room for improvement. Some areas could do with more decoration; some areas were too uniformly gray. There were also a number of completely dark areas - these are a pain to fight, though usually they are fairly small and can be run through. But overall a fairly stylish level.

The level has a good number of traps, though some of these are a bit throw-a-bunch-of-xxx's-at-the-player. Most of the opposition are the normal imps and spectres of Knee-Deep, but the monster placement is good so it's interesting to play through. Ammo and health are fairly limited but there are secrets to help you along too.

For Doom 1 fans like me this is a great level to play through, with pretty good architecture for its time an good fights too.


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