Doom Classic 2: A Place of Sin


Fact Sheet

Authors Jan Van der Veken
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/7
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is the second level in the "Classic" series of levels by this author, so called not because he thinks they are all classic levels, but because they are all levels in the classic Doom 1 style. Specifically, this level is in what I call the sane-Inferno style - no guts wallpaper or flashing blue/red buildings, but more the halls-of-hell style, like Pandemonium (original Doom E3M3).

The start area is mostly decorated in wood textures; it's easy to make such areas look tacky, but the author has made the area dark and sinister, and have an interesting layout. It's a violent start, and I died a couple of times before I got the hang of the layout - it's a good hard fight.

The gameplay is good throughout the level. You get the plasma rifle, and for a change I really needed it - in one particularly nasty trap, I was forced to flee the room down some narrow winding passages, which turned out to be a dead end, so without plasma that baron would've got me for sure. You get the rocket launcher later on too, but it seemed to be bait more than anything else - I left with loads of rockets unused. There are lots of traps; not much effort was made to hide them, but they were good anyway.

The architecture is good too, with sensible lighting, varying height levels and windows between areas. There are good features and details that make sure no area is boring.

The level is non-linear, and there are some secrets too. Overall, a good hellish base level, so play it.


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