Fact Sheet

Authors Nick Baker
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/12
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot CLASSIC4 is medium sized Shores-of-Hell style level for Doom 2. The first thing I noticed about this level is the quality of the fights. The layout of each area makes for interesting fights... there are plenty of traps... and there is a good mixture of monsters throughout. The variety made for a great level to play.

The level uses a simple style throughout; it's certainly not overdetailed. But the style is so good that isn't important. The textures set a good acid base theme, and the architecture is interesting too, so nowhere is the level boring. There is good use of height levels, which combined with floating monsters was an important part of several fights.

The layout is interesting, everything fans out from a single area, but early on you have to use teleports to get around. So the level progression is quite interesting and non-linear, but not hard. Health and ammo are well judged; my health went up and down a lot I can tell you, but the level is very fair and the weapons are well balanced. Restricting the player to the shotgun and chaingun mostly helped increase the Doom 1 feel for me.

Overall, a great Doom 1 level. Might be recent but it really recaptures the old feel. Great for people who like the old Doom 1 feel.


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