Doom Classic 6: Dawn of the Dead revisited - Outpost 666


Fact Sheet

Authors Anthony Soto Jan Van der Veken
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 2000/09/16
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Outpost 666 is the sixth level in the Classic series - a set of levels in the classic Knee-Deep style. But there is something else that fans of classic Doom will notice immediately too - the start looks just like E1M5 from the classic Dawn of the Dead. The level which was meant to be E1M5 for DODEAD was lost, hence the stub level that appeared in the final product. No coincidence - Outpost 666 is that lost level, or at least a recreation of it (the text file wasn't clear on that), which has finally been touched up and released as part of the Classic series.

screenshot So, having said it comes from Dawn of the Dead, there's not much else I need to say really. The architecture is superb, capturing the Knee-Deep style well with computer panels, acid tunnels, and some good outdoor views.

The start is no easy ride, as you have a tricky fight to get hold of a shotgun. There is a good mixture of monsters throughout the level, with plenty of imps and sargeants around, with cacodemons and barons thrown in where it counts. The first half of the the level is tricky, with some good monster placement and well-timed traps, making use of the complex architecture to keep you looking in several directions at once. My only real criticism of the level is that I felt the latter half wasn't as good - the monster placement was generally less threatening, and while there were more barons to deal with and mostly only the shotgun to beat them with, there is plenty of space available so they aren't very dangerous.

Overall, definitely one not to miss, especially for those like me that like the classic Knee-Deep style.


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