Doom Classic 7: The Deimos Complex


Fact Sheet

Authors Jan Van der Veken Anthony Soto
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 2000/09/16
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is the 7th level in the Doom Classic series of levels, a set of levels in the classic Knee Deep in the Dead style. The Deimos Complex, as this one is known, is very close in style to Central Processing (original Doom E1M6), with it's mixture of spacious outdoor areas and computer rooms, and there are references to the original E1M2 and E1M3 later on as well. Structurally the level is excellent, with lots of windows between areas, good use of different height levels, features like acid and computer panels and details like crates to make the areas interesting. Texturing follows the predictable Knee-Deep style.

You start in the main courtyard around which the level is built, overlooked by imps above and with plenty of sergeants and imps wandering around the yard and adjoining areas to keep you on your toes. The complex architecture ensures that the player is often under threat from several directions at once. There are lots of traps throughout the level as well, a good mixture of teleporting monsters and hidden rooms popping open at inconvenient moments.

Maybe I was just being a bit careless, but this level seemed to get very tough by the end. There's tons of ammo, but health is very limited, and I found myself searching for health that wasn't there by the end. There are plenty of good secrets though, including a supercharge, that help a lot.

Overall, a good action-packed level in the classic style. Go get it.


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