Command Control


Fact Sheet

Authors Patrick Hipps
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1994/8
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

"Command Control" is a medium sized level for Doom. It's an industrial style level, with fairly bland architecture - most of the level has grey cement walls. There are lots of good features, like box rooms, computer panels, acid etc. However other areas lacked detail, and there were some minor misaligned and mismatched textures.

As you would expect for a level this old, the opposition are fairly weak. There is plenty of health; all the weapons are available but they are well spread through the level, ammo was not a problem though. There are some interesting fights, good use of made of different height levels and traps to make you think a bit. The level progression is very good, non-linear but you'll always know where to go. There are also lots of secrets, but these are pretty easy to find once you are given the computer map, and make the level a lot easier.

Overall this is a fairly nice Doom 1 level; it certainly has a good Doom 1 feel. However the architecture lacked detail and the easy secrets made the level too easy.


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