Assault on Moonbase Cresta


Fact Sheet

Authors Sam Ketner
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1999/3
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

"Assault on Moonbase Cresta" is a large Doom 2 level, which needs Boom to run. It's a good idea to read the plot before starting the level; you enter a supposedly deserted moon base, to clean out any sign of demons. Ammo is very limited early on, so look around and collect stuff before you trigger anything.

screenshot The base has really nice graphics; there are lots of new textures imported to enhance the high-tec feel. Also new sprites are imported to give features like radar dishes; also the plasma rifle is given new graphics and sounds. All giving the level a distinctive, high-tech feel. Also doors are usually marked with the name of the area you are entering, giving you an idea of what each area's function in the base is. Lots of imported textures I recognised from Quake and other Doom levels.

The gameplay is unusual; the level doesn't have a lot of monsters for its size, but you get limited weapons (mostly you have to use the new plasma rifle) and ammo. There are lots of outdoor areas which you need a spacesuit (modified radsuit) to enter safely; this makes the level progression quite interesting, but you can't afford to waste too many of those suits ;-). The level makes heavy use of Boom's silent teleports to simulate different levels inside the base, and is very well pulled off.

Overall, this level is the best moon base I've seen yet in Doom; the graphics and multiple levels are excellently done. The gameplay was good, though the limited weapons and monsters meant it wasn't quite as fun as it might have been. But that's part of the style of the level, the deserted base feel early on; it's a level where you need to do more than just go in guns blazing. Go play it!


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