Doom IV: Daisy's Revenge


Fact Sheet

Authors Zhengyun Zhang
IWAD Ultimate Doom
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Sometimes I just like to pick an old Doom 1 level randomely to play, in the idle hope that I might find an undiscovered gem. Usually I just get reminded how bad those old levels so often were, and sadly that's what happened here. "Doom IV: Daisy's Revenge" is a very small level, just a few rooms. At least the level has a plot: you have just finished Dis, and seen your pet rabbit Daisy killed, so you decide to go back for revenge. The level starts with a room with pictures of the rabbit all over the walls, looking very ugly.

The rest of the level is just a few green stone rooms, with a messy sequence of teleports and opening doors that you complete in a couple of minutes to reach the exit. There are a few badies, nothing too bad. If you use the supplied dehacked patch, you get super weapons,and the enemies are made super strong, so it's pretty pointless really; except the lost souls are made transparent to your shots, so once I realised, I just didn't bother shooting them. There's a cyberdemon and spiderdemon behind glass walls.

2 minutes to complete, lame graphics, stupid dehacked patch, but at least it has a plot.


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