The Dead Soil


Fact Sheet

Authors Leon Kelz
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/8
Levels 2

Review by Colin Phipps

DEADSOIL contists of an island, with a high wall around a central yard. I say an island, because all the surrounding area is powerful acid; however it is not marked as such. The architecture is very basic; apart from one or two spots, the level looks very tacky.

The monsters start out in the acid; there is one large block of sergeants, one block of SSNazis, one of imps, and some cacos, a revenant and a cyberdemon. As these converge on the island, you have to run and grab a key, some ammo, and get through a keydoor, all while under fire.

The play gets a bit more tactical later on, as you set the monsters fighting each other to cut down the odds. But basically there is little else of interest in the level, just letting vast hordes of monsters kill each other. Maybe if you like this kind of level, its worth playing. I don't.


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