Fact Sheet

Authors DarkClaw Sniper
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/12
Levels 18

Review by Colin Phipps

"Destruction" is a collection of 18 levels for Doom 2. I suppose that I can say the levels all stick to a single style: they are all very basic, with poor choice of textures, mismatched and misaligned textures everywhere, poor lighting and little detail. Many of the levels have pitch black areas, and you have to use light amp goggles to go through them; often though I was unsure if the areas looked better with the goggles or in the pitch black.

Each level starts with masses of weapons and goodies. Generally the ammo and health supplied is excessive, only beaten by the stupidity of the fights. There are few traps as such, just hordes of monsters to be mown down with your tons of ammo. Given the very basic architecture too, there was hardly an interesting fight to be found. Super-monsters like archvilles and spiderdemon/cyberdemons are overused too. A couple of the levels are deathmatch only, but they aren't organised at the end or listed in the text file.

I can only hope that the authors had a lot more fun making these levels than I had playing them. They should compare their creations with the original Doom 2 levels, to see what a Doom level is meant to be like.


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