Demonfear 2 : Into Darkness


Fact Sheet

Authors Adam Windsor
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/9
Levels 5

Review by Colin Phipps

"Demonfear 2 : Into Darkness", the second in the DFEAR series for Doom 2, with 5 more short levels. Once again there are some pretty tricky fights, though these level were less focused on one big starting fight than those in DFEAR1. The levels all have pretty good layout too, the architecture and layout makes the fights more interesting.

screenshot The levels have a mixture of styles, some base style, one all marble, and one wooden. While they varied a lot, they were all pretty good; here are my per-level comments:

The Ammo Dump - A stylish level, which does something that few levels do: uses the TEKGREN textures from Doom 2 in a stylish way without being ugly. It's a good tech base, but watch out for the keycards because they are put in unusual places. The level is not too hard, clear out the base and collect weapons for the next level; the design adds interest to the fights though.

The Wall - Like the original MAP07 this level focuses on a few tough fights with the big enemies. The start is pretty tough until you get a good tactic, after that you last through the remaining tough badies, collect loot and escape. The architecture is very nice, marble style, lots of detail.

The Hatred - This level takes lace in a single courtyard, with loot scattered around; the architecture is all wood and metal, which together with the old brown Doom 2 sky makes this level look a bit dull. There is still good detail though. The opening fight is tough, lots of weak monsters attack straight off; after you deal with them the big badies are fixed at the far end of the yard, so you start a war of attrition wearing down the archville while avoiding taking too much damage from the other enemies. It's a tough fight, needs some patience.

The Bridge - Another small level, not as tough starting as the earlier ones; you can work pretty steadily cleaning up the start area. Take good note of the layout though, it's important later on. Good architecture too, as usual plenty of good detail.

The Shuttle Bay - A more conventional level than the others, still on the small side, you work your way through the spaceport clearing out the enemies. Steady shotgun and chaingun work, not much in the way of traps, but some secrets to find. There's a good spaceport feel to the level, with a nice contrast between the public areas and the private.

The levels weren't as intense early on as in DFEAR1, and I wasn't so keen on all the levels here. But still good tricky fights. If you like the style of lots of short levels, this is definitely for you.


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