Demonfear 3 : City of Nightmares


Fact Sheet

Authors Adam Windsor
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1995/10
Levels 7

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is the third set of levels in the "Demonfear" series, with 7 levels to play through, MAP11-15 and MAP31 and 32 (the two secret levels are unavoidable, they are just used as part of the level sequence). Like the previous levels in the series, the levels are all small, and the text file describes the style of each level and your mission for each.

The levels of this set all share the same trait as the earlier levels in the series: they are all small, with no traps and few if any secrets, but some good monster placement. The opening fight is usually good; after that the level is fairly passive, you just collect ammo, though there are usually a few stings in the tail.

Space Station - A very symmetrical metallic base level. The central area was not brilliant, the bright shiny metal was a bit too simple, but there were lots of rooms looking into this via windows that were very good, with good lighting and features. There was little evidence of the plot, but the level is quite interesting to start with, as there are enemies wandering the central area, and others shooting into it from the windows. Once you get things under control it becomes simple; there are no traps, just rooms to clear. Even the archville is pinned on a small ledge so he's easy to kill.

Edge of the City - This level reminded me of the start of Suburbs (Doom 2 MAP16); this level is a collection of small buildings. It's not glamourous, but there is good lighting inside the buildings, and some have nice features. Bearing in mind my comments above, I thought the starting fight of this level could have been better: you start in the streets, with some wandering monsters; I was expecting loads to attack me, so I fled into a building and prepared to defend myself, but it turned out there were only an imp and some troopers around. The enemies are generally quite weak, mostly imps and chaingunners; you just have to be careful, because there are a few tougher nasties thown in. No traps or secrets.

The Underground - This is an even smaller level than those before it, consisting of just a two line subway station, with a waiting room and a couple of side rooms. The opening fight is the best, as usual for this episode; you are looking down the steps into the station, with enemies in the waiting room illuminated by lights, but closer enemies on the platform shrouded by darkness. You have to clear the platforms to get the key to exits. No traps again, and mostly imps and humans making a slightly tricky fight.

City Hall - Considering the suburbs were mostly brick and cement buildings, I was slightly surprise to find that the "City Hall" was build mostly of wood and plaster. It is intended to be a base for the demons though, so it's not so strange; there are lots of gory decorations and such to emphasise this. The opening fight is good once again, and there are some well placed chaingunners further into the base that keep the action interesting.

The Proving Ground - You are teleported into a dangerous arena, with a cyberdemon, 2 mancubi, 2 archvilles and some imps. They are all in fixed positions, and they can't all see you at once, s you just have to rocket them each in turn. It's hectic to start with, but there's plenty of ammo to finish off with. The arena is quite good looking too, with a river through the middle and a bridge.

screenshot White Magick - The brown stone and rusty metal style of this level was good I thought. It's a small sinister level. The initial fight is good, with imps coming from both directions making things tricky. There are some tougher enemies later on, but no traps, so it's not difficult.

Black Magick - This level looks almost the same at the last level, but the enemies are quite different. There are 2 archvilles, lots of shotgun men and chaingunners, and some other heavy enemies, which make it much more violent than the level before. There's plenty of ammo and health though, so it's not too hard.

These levels are certainly unusual, and that in itself makes things interesting. The architecture is good but not amazing. I rather liked bits of these levels, and I think they are worth playing, but DFear1 was much more stylish I feel.


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