D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 1)


Fact Sheet

Authors Dan L'Ecuyer
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/8
Levels 3

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 1)" is the first 3 levels in a 4 level series for Doom 1. The levels certainly recapture some of that old Knee-Deep feel.

All 3 levels are updated versions of older levels. The most important comment about these levels is that the levels vary a lot in quality, so I'll make my comments on each level separately:

E2M4 - The first level of this episode is a small marble castle - you start outside, and fight through the inner courtyard and then inside the castle itself. The outdoor areas are very basic, very little worth seeing; the indoor areas are better with a fair level of decoration and a nice dungeon area.

The early (outdoor) part of the level is guarded by a horde of cacodemons. Loads of shells are provided, but it's more fun to draw some imps out of the castle and get them fighting each other. Once you've got bored of that you go inside and clean up. There is a good trap in the dungeon area, but that's about the only tricky fight really.

E2M5 - A medium sized Knee-Deep style, which certainly has some of that Knee-Deep magic; the architecture isn't perfect or too detailed, but it's fairly good with computer panels etc for decoration. The monsters are much more balanced than the previous level, with good tricks and traps involving weaker monsters.

E2M6 - This is an updated version of BLAHBLAH, an old favourite of mine. Not much has changed, it's still a great Doom 1 level which has that magic Knee-Deep feel with lots of STARGRN textures and acid, great for Doom 1 fans like me. The level is quite tricky, lots of interesting fights and good traps, and a lot of variety of fight too. It's been made harder than the original, in particular there was one trap about halfway through that took me several attempts (it's a real killer :P). I had great fun playing through this one. Health and ammo can be pretty tight if you play things in the wrong order though.

The latter 2 levels of this set are both not bad, worth playing if your a fan of old Doom 1 levels like I am :).

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