Dead Zone


Fact Sheet

Authors Brad Carney
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1999/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "Dead Zone v1.00" is a single level for Doom 1, in the Ultimate Doom style. The first part of the level was a little disappointing, ith a slight lack of detail and some strange architecture. But it got better as the level progressed, with good features like torches, lighting, and other details. There is a good sinister atmosphere in the later areas. I did notice some graphics problems in one outdoor area though.

The gameplay is what caught my interest though. There's interesting stuff going on from start to finish, not least the many traps in the level. There are also several good entrance fights, by which I mean fights when you enter a new area, often where teleporting in. There are some secrets to go for too.

It's a large level, and plays bigger than is it because of the way it's layed out. The main areas are connected by teleports, often one-way, so it takes a while to find your way around. The level progression is complicated; there are keys, switches which open doors, reveal teleports, and of course the cyberdemons, which restrict your movements.

Yes, there are a couple of cyberdemons at this level - well used too. One is just to harass you when you go for the exit; it's best to deal with him first. The other is used very cleverly in a trap. You enter a well defended room up steep stairs, and behind you the cyb is released. You have no choice but to stay in the new room, out of line with the stairs, and fight through to find another exit.

Overall, despite some drawbacks (mainly in the architecture), I liked this level. Some people might not like the puzzling level progression, or the fact it's for Doom 1, but if the style suits, you, play it. Once again, I must say how nice it is to see good Doom 1 levels still being made.


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