Eulogy 6


Fact Sheet

Authors Cyb
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/6
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot Well, here's one for all you Ultimate Doom fans out there. EULOGY6 reminds me a lot of E4M3, especially with the orange sky. Fortunately the textures are quite different (E4M3 was nearly all wood if I remember), giving a more interesting look to the start of the level.

The level is quite small; it consists of a single large outdoor area and some small side areas. The outdoor area is excellent, with lots of features and viewing points. Most of the ammo and weapons available at this level are scattered around this area.

However the side areas were not so great. There are a number of stone corridors, which reminded me of all those Doom 1 levels with long stone corridors and no detail. Well, it's not so bad, but compared to other the main area these parts lack detail.

Gameplay is fairly good. The main fight in the outdoor area is good, with monsters attacking from several directions at once. Once this area quietened down it seemed very empty, so perhaps it would have been better to have more monsters teleport in as the level progressed. There are some good fights in the side areas too.

However the level is too straightforward. There are only a few powerful monsters, and those are arachnotrons which were not very effective in the areas they were placed in. This level makes a good level for early in an episode, or perhaps for Deathmatch; on its own I think it is too short and straightforward.


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