Days of Xornox The Forest


Fact Sheet

Authors Frank Laing
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1998/6
Levels 4

Review by Colin Phipps

Forest is a 4 level mini-episode, which imports some new graphics to represent trees and hedgerows. Hence the name ;-). I suppose I can say that the episode sticks well to its theme, since these graphics are used throughout. The tree graphics are not badly done I suppose.

However, the levels are frankly rubbish. They are all essentially flat, with a random scattering of trees to set the theme. Virtually all of the walls use the new green hedgerow textures, so the levels have nearly no variety in style. There are no architectural details or interesting features.

Each level has hundreds of plamsa cell boxes and dozens of supercharges & megapheres. There are hordes of imps at all the levels, mixed in with blocks of cacodemons, hell knights and the like. Given the ammo & health, the fights aren't hard, you just run around blasting away continuously, and make sure to run into a few megaspheres every once in a while.

My only advice for this episode is to turn off the monsters & let your little sister play it. Not for serious Doomers.


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