go to hell


Fact Sheet

Authors Michael Krause
IWAD Doom 2
Engine limitless source port
Date 1998/7
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "go to hell" is a single level for Doom 2, which needs an enhanced engine (Boom is recommended) to play. Those of you who've played Michael's levels before will know the style I'm sure, but this one is actually quite short by his standards (it only took me half an hour to complete). The bricks and metal style is well done, giving a good feel to the level without making it boring. I particularly liked the use of free-standing lifts, which allow you to see down and shoot monsters at the base of the lift much more easily.

This level is great fun to play. As usual the monsters start tough and get tougher; in particular there are lots of traps that open some way away from the player, so you have to keep alert to distant enemies. There is a lot of ammo and health around, but you'll probably need a lot of it. The monster placement takes good advantage of the complicated architecture, so watch out!

There is also the usual Quake sound scheme imported, which I still don't like. Surely it is available separately, so why double the download size for something only some people like?

Anyway, it's a good fun level to play, a download not to be missed I think.

Download go2hell2.zip

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