The Grim Reaper


Fact Sheet

Authors Grzegorz Werner
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1996/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot This is a large bricks and metal style WAD. New graphics are used to give this level a very strong style; the distinctive doors and windows are used consistently throughout the level. There are some good structures used, which are well suited to the new graphics.

The level has some very complicated areas; I would not have had the nerve to risk so much complexity as this WAD has in some areas in my own levels. Combined with the large number of monsters at the level, it played rather slowly on my old 486, so I'd recommend something not quite that old for playing this level.

The level is good fun to play, as you never quite know what to expect next. There are some excellent entrance fights (fights to get through a door, or down stairs etc). The fights are made more interesting by the architecture; I liked the way that windows sometimes worked in your favour (allowing you to snipe monsters, and jump to more areas), and sometimes allowed the monsters to snipe at you!

One keycard requires you to find secrets to get it, and the first time I played this level I spend some time searching in vain for it. But the author has included a number of poetic quotes, written on the walls, which act as hints to the level progression; with a little thought these are helpful if you get stuck.

The final area is a good fight in a lift shaft, with a slow moving floor which goes up and down. The idea is nice, though it is a long wait if you get off at the bottom, and have to wait for the floor to go all the way up and down again.

Also included is a new graphic for the top of the Doom menu, giving the level name and author, and an ENDOOM resource.

This is a great WAD, with good style and fights. I am afraid that my review does not sound entirely fair, since most of the level is flawless, and I have picked up on the only flaws. My only serious complaint is the secret keycard, but since I have warned you about it, there is no excuse not to go and play this WAD :-).


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