Fact Sheet

Authors Paul Berlin
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1999/2
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot "INCA" is a large level for Doom 2. The level has two halves; you start having entered an ancient "pyramid"; the tension builds well as blockages raise behind you; the passages are dark and spookily lit, all creating a good atmosphere.

There are some excellent fights and traps; you don't get very powerful weapons, so it took me a few tries to beat some of the fights. Ammo and health are very well judged; in the middle of one really tough fight I was constantly having to look around for ammo, dash for loose shells, which made the fight even more fun. Unusually I think i really needed he partial invisibility for that fight :-).

screenshot You finally find yourself in a high-tech underground base; the area is one large room, with sergeants and chaingunners looking down through the windows overlooking everything, and lots of crates scattered around with more enemies on/around them. It's a great fight, since you have to use the boxes for cover, carefully running between covered spots and picking off the well placed snipers. However, this area caused quite a slowdown on my computer because it was so complicated, which added an unfortunate extra element of difficulty :-/.

There are lots of new graphics imported, mostly recognisable from other Doom levels, and there were air vent textures taken from Duke Nukem to decorate a maze of air vents. There are also some new sounds (the moving floor sound from Quake 2, which made things a bit spookier early on), and music from Heretic. The high tech area looks really good, lots of detail.

The level progression is generally pretty good. Except for the bug :-(. There is a blue keydoor that only accepts a blue keycard, when you are only given a skull key. I couldn't see the key even cheating with the automap, so in the end I did a TNTKEY cheat to get the key. Hmmm.

Overall, this level does a great job of mixing 2 distinct styles in a level, with an excellently done plot. The graphics are good, just a shame they are so hard on your computer. And it's a good challenge too. Pity about the bug.


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