I pray for you


Fact Sheet

Authors Michael Krause
IWAD Doom 2
Engine standard Doom engine
Date 1997/3
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

Like all of this author's levels, IPRAY4U is a level on a big scale. One person I talked to said it reminded him of the City of London, with its large buildings, pillars and open spaces. I'll let you decide which side of that comparison can take it as a compliment ;P. The architecture is less "clean" than many of his other levels (many of Michael's levels look like some 3D simulation of a fururistic city, whereas IPRAY4U feels a bit more gritty & real). However some of the areas feel a bit bland at times.

Early on I found that the fights were rather flat and open; there were plenty of imps, mancubi and cacodemons, but the flat open space of the start area made them a bit ineffective. Only the revenants and a shortage of ammo posed much serious danger.

As the level progressed the style changed. The author began to make use of firing points and traps, and even one or two small areas, to make the fights more complicated. I liked the way warning was given of the revenant traps (revenant traps without warning are too deadly), by letting you hear them before they could teleport.

Unfortunately the monsters became less varied; often cacodemons, hell knights and revenants came in blocks or one after another, to be fought one-at-a-time, which became rather tedious.

This WAD is clearly a Michael Krause level, but it doesn't feel as good as many of his other levels. Still, it is a good solid challenge for people who like this style of WAD.

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