Fact Sheet

Authors Kurt Kesler
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This is the first in Kurt Kesler's KBOOM series of WADs designed for the Boom engine. The architecture is industrial in style, and on a huge scale; often the enemies end up looking like ants crawling around in the enormous spaces and distances of this level. But the level is also superbly detailed, which is where Boom comes in - you need the superior engine to allow this level of detail at that size. There are some good lighting effects too.

There is a particularly good outdoor area, which makes use of new Boom features, such as flowing water, and the removed 2 sided lines limit, to create a much more realistic and interesting outdoor area than is possible with traditional Doom. One of the best traps of the level is when a horde of cacodemons are released at one end of this area, and slowly float across the river and up the slope toward the player.

There is also an elevator, though I didn't like the use of DOORTRAK on the sides. Also, I was a bit disappointed in a couple of places; having worked my way up a water filled crack in the rock, against the flow, battling the odd monster, I was expecting some kind of goodie or secret to make it worthwhile.

The big rooms make for some interesting fights; there are lots of well placed monsters making use of the architecture, and lots of traps too. Some of the chaingunner traps can be a bit of a 'gotcha' first time, but that makes them all the more interesting to fight. And the cacodemon traps in the big outdoor area are a fun fight, easy to misjudge.

This is a good level, which shows off the power of the Boom engine. Some more secrets are the only obvious improvement I can think of.

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