Fact Sheet

Authors Kurt Kesler
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot Like most of the levels in the KBoom series, this is a large industrial base style map. The main area is very complicated, with many levels overlooking each other; a new railing texture is imported to guard these. There are lots of features like computer panels, stairs, and moving machinery. However, most of the level is done in the green metal textures ala Entryway (Doom 2 MAP01), which made a number of misalignments rather visible.

There are some weird graphical effects used to decorate the level. The oscilllating red and yellow columns (too hard to describe) are pretty maybe, but looked a bit out of place in this industrial setting; the big columns with fast-scrolling technical textures impressed me even less.

The main area is large enough, but there are two large side areas as well; also with some great architecture. However there were some rather drab looking places around the level.

The gameplay is great though. Throughout the level, you can never be off your guard, because odd wandering monsters keep turning up unannounced. Either I'm going blind, or Kurt must have used some silent teleports to keep sneaking them in behind me. I really liked the effect - after 10 minutes of bumping into wandering shotgun men at the start of the level, I spend the rest of the game nervously looking behind me, even during the heavy fights later on.

And there are plenty of heavy fights. In particular, the traps were very well thought out. You get the computer map fairly early on, but don't be deceived. For instance, I picked up one key, knowing that on the map I could see only a small trap room. Sure enough, a few imps and a chaingunner. 10 seconds later, I'm wondering where these extra guys turned up from. Half a dozen hell knights wandered in (teleported into the corridor outside). As I fell back fighting, I was retreating into an earlier area... where some imps had conveniently been released, to catch out this very tactic!

There were several of these multi-layered traps through the level. As usual for Kurt's levels, there is plenty of ammo; but health is quite limited, so you don't have any to waste.

Overall, this is a tough fight, it's just a shame the texturing isn't up to the quality of the architecture.

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