Fact Sheet

Authors Kurt Kesler
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

screenshot Another outdoor level in the KBoom series. The main area is a large courtyard with a fast flowing acid river leading into a pool - when I first stuck my head out into this area, the monsters on tehfar side walked into the river and all got swept past me by the current, so they all ended up having to climb out of the pool. This area has several ledges with railings overlooking it, which have sergeants and imps mostly manning them.

The area you start in is some sort of tunnel, quite a nice area decorated with stones and wooden pit props. The outdoor area is quite good too, with a new sky imported to help the feel. I could get pedantic and start complaining about a fast river leading into a dead end pool (wouldn't it overflow?), or the large marble features in the walls of the courtyard being over-the-top, but the area does look good I suppose.

Early on the enemies are mostly imps, shotgun men and chaingunners, quite interesting to play because they occupy ledges around the courtyard. Then when you get the first key a load of monsters are released. The imps released are a good fight, since they spread out and attack from two directions; however thee barons, arachnotrons and hell knights are mostly released at quite a distance, and most of them stay in the area where they are released. Since you get given tons of rockets, they are easy to deal with. There is another trap later on, which also semed rather easy if you just retreated and dealt with them on your own ground.

The final area also wasted an opportunity for a good fight; there are lots of mancubi and a cyberdemon, but you are given a BFG and max cells to beat them with. Overall, the interesting architecture makes this level fairly interesting to play, but I thought the some of the fights could have been better.

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