Fact Sheet

Authors Kurt Kesler
IWAD Doom 2
Engine Boom compatible engine
Date 1998/5
Levels 1

Review by Colin Phipps

This is a big level specifically designed for the Boom engine. The style is medieval. A new sky graphic in included, to give a starry night sky - this gives a very good spooky atmosphere to the outside areas of the level.

The level has a lot of very good architecture. For instance there is an excellent river area, where the monsters fall underwater when they die. There is an excellent acid area, where you walk along a causeway overlooked by imps, and battle barons & hell knights on the causeway (similar to Requiem MAP05, but the night sky and dark textures gives it an even better atmosphere). The fiery lava pits look good too.

screenshot The grand central hall is very impressive, and is a great showcase for the power of the Boom engine; the night sky really enhances this room, giving it a very magical feel.

The gameplay is mixed. Monster placement is excellent; the player has to be constantly aware of areas he is revealing himself to, otherwise a monster will surely catch you out! Health was well distributed. Ammunition was rather unusual, as the player is basically given dozens of boxes of shells & rockets, and it is left up to the player to decide when to use which.

However, the level is pretty linear to play - there is only 1 way to go around the level, with no side areas at all except the exit itself. More significantly, the traps are not very good - there are a couple of good traps, another is just a release-a-horde-of-cacodemons-in-the-player's-face trap. And that's it. Combined with the linear level progression this makes the level less fun to play.

This level is an excellent showcase of the Boom engine, with good, atmospheric architecture. But I think the gameplay could have been better, perhaps with more side areas, and a better trap than the cacodemon one. Nonetheless, the excellent monster placement and atmosphere of this WAD make it an unmissable download for all Boom players.

Download kboom_6.zip

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